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About A Coruña

A Coruña is one of the main cities of Galicia, one of the three historic nations of Spain (together with Catalonia and the Basque Country) and with close links with Celtic cultures. 

Galicia is located in the Northwest of Spain, and Coruña is located in the Northwest of Galicia, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Cantabrian Sea.

The climate is by mild while a little rainy during winter. The average summer temperature is around 21-23ºC; whereas in the typical winter it fluctuates between 9-11ºC. Since the conference is going to take place in summer, warm and sunny weather with a cool north-eastern breeze can be expected.

The city has 240,000 inhabitants, although its metropolitan region reaches a population of 600,000. Moreover, it is situated at the northern end of the so called “Atlantic Axis”, an urbanized continuum that runs from Coruña through Porto (in Portugal) with a population of nearly 3 million inhabitants.

The city centre is dense and compact, so that most amenities can be reached within a few minutes walk. Moreover, A Coruña is as safe and calm as a city can be. It is therefore safe to walk anytime, anywhere around the city. 

Coruña is also a vibrant city with a generous cultural offer, excellent gastronomy and affordable prices. There are three airports in Galicia (LCG, which is the closest to the city, SCQ, VGO) offering connections with the main cities of Europe (London, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Lisbon, Paris…) and, through these hubs, with the world. We recommend using LCG airport (La Coruña, Alvedro) as it offers the best connections between Coruña and London, Barcelona or Madrid. 

The ocean provides an outstanding landscape, enriched by historic and modern architecture (e.g. Roman lighthouse Tower of Hercules-World Heritage by UNESCO, or Isozaki’s Domus, notably the most recent Pritzker recipient…).

Alternative escapes include the World Heritage city of Santiago de Compostela , which can be reached in 30 minutes by train, the Roman city Lugo (Lucus Augusti), which retains its World Heritage medieval wall, or the Enlightenment Military city of Ferrol.

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