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University of A Coruña

PLEA 2020 will be hosted at the University of A Coruña (UDC). The University of A Coruña has 5 Campus: Zapateira, Elviña, Riazor, Maestranza and Esteiro (in Ferrol), where it hosts its 24 academic schools, 43 university departments, 6 Research Institutes, 4 Research Technology Centres. Nearly 20.000 students are currently enrolled in one of the 38 undergraduate degrees, 48 master degrees, 46 postgraduate courses and 36 PhD programmes. Those courses are being taught by 1.400 academics, who are assisted by 765 administrative staff.


The School of Architecture of the University of A Coruña was one the seminal buildings of Zapateira Campus. It was completed in 1975 and accomodates around 1,000 students of Architecture (DipArch and MArch), Landscape (Dip) and Architecture & Urbanism (PhD Programme)

Location of the UDC School of Architecture. 

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GPS Coordinates:

LATITUDE: 43.3272


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