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Submission Formats

Papers accepted for PLEA 2020 may be presented in two formats:

  • Technical Paper + regular oral presentation

  • Technical Paper + poster + short oral presentation

Authors may express their preferred format at the time of submission. While authors’ preferences will be considered, PLEA 2020 Scientific Committee will ultimately decide the final format for each accepted paper.

Technical Papers

Technical papers will present cutting edge research in any of the conference themes. Innovative and creative theories, knowledge, methods, and techniques, products or case studies are acceptable.


All papers must adhere to the template provided. The length of the paper should be 6 pages, including all references and illustrations.

Regular Oral Presentation

A slot of 15 minutes (12minutes for presentation + 3 minutes for Q&A) will be allocated for contributions accepted for regular oral presentation.

Poster + Short Oral Presentation

Posters will be displayed in a central location at the conference venue, offering opportunities for interaction between authors and delegates. In addition, a slot of 6 minutes will be allocated to introduce the poster.


Posters must be prepared in A-zero size (841x1189mm) portrait orientation. Authors should follow the poster size and must print their posters themselves. Authors will be asked to pin-up their posters on the first day of PLEA 2020 and to remove them at the end of the Conference. It is recommended that a protective plastic coating be applied to the posters.

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