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PLEA for Kids

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Following requests from previous PLEA editions, creative workshops for children will be offered to PLEA participants travelling with their families. These workshops will be organised by the expert team of Lupo System (, who are specialised in architecture and play.

PLEA Kids will take place in parallel to the PLEA Conference.

These are some examples of the workshop’s topics:

Bucky Fuller – “Lupo manual for Spaceship Earth: Playing inside territorial scale.”

We will work at Fuller's scale: the giant one. We will assemble large light structures that will help us to build small refuges or project big sustainable cities. We’ll redefine the space by colonizing it with our geodesic constructions with infinity of possible uses.

Frei Otto. Bio-constructive experiments.

We will learn the "pallabarro" technique that, with natural and immediate materials (straw and mud), allows to build small constructions made by ourselves. Mixing, draining, form working and demoulding piece by piece, to let them dry in the sun before putting them into use. The result? A new technique learned, a lot of new Lupo parts, smiling and dirty faces and zero environmental impact.


Anne Tyng. Materializing your best ideas with Sistema Lupo.

The volume, the form, the stability, the scale, the utility ... With Lupo 7 geometries, we will not leave a concept without investigating and testing. Using the error as a tool to learn and reach the goal that is, nothing more and nothing less, than having a great time!

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