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Recording a Video Presentation with MS Teams

If you are a MS Teams user, you may know how to record a presentation in this platform. The workflow is similar to the one in Zoom.

  1. First, prepare your slides as usual, without additional sounds or videos.

  2. Login and launch Teams

  3. Go the calendar and select Meet Now / Join now

  4. Activate the camera and sound

  5. One the meeting start you can share the screen, click on the arrow on the small menu “Share”

  6. Select the  Power Point  Presentation , Share

  7. On the menu, select More Actions / Start Recording

  8. Once you finished go again to “More Actions ” and press Stop Recording

  9. The recording will be processed and a link will be shown in the Meeting Chat, which can be activated on the Menu / Show Conversation. You can also access the link on the Main Chat of Teams.

  10. You can open the link of the recording (you will be directed to MS Stream).

  11. On MS Stream you can now download the video to your desktop. Select the three dots below the video and find the download video option.

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