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Recording a Video Presentation with Zoom

Zoom  is now nearly as ubiquitous as MS Office, and it enables recording video presentations in an intuitive way.

  1. First, prepare your slides as usual, without additional sounds or videos.

  2. Login and launch Zoom

  3. Go to Settings, check your video settings

  4. Still in Settings, go to Recording and select “Optimize for 3rd party video editor” and “Record Video during screen sharing”, as well as “Place video next to the shared screen in the recording” in order to record the speaker.

  5. Still in Recording, check the location of the recorded files, change it if need to

  6. Exit the Settings

  7. Select New Meeting in the Home menu

  8. Activate “Start Video” and press “Share Screen”

  9. Select the Power Point  Presentation and  Share. Alternatively, you can share a screen.

  10. Start the Slide Show and go the main Zoom tool bar (on the top), find the “Record” button under the tab “More”, which is shown as three dots.

  11. Once you finished go again to “More” and press Stop Recording

  12. The recorded file will be converted and automatically stored in the location specified in Settings / Recording.

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